Bautista Marelli

Computer Science student at UNR and learning Web Development

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

+54 341 326 5802


Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computacion - UNR

Second year

Bachiller en Economia y Administracion - Los Arroyos, Rosario

2006 - 2017

International English Exam FCE - Level B2


Approved with result "C" (163/190 points)

Participation on the Program PRO.DI.BUR


Awarded with a Mention and with a Scholarship to perfect the skills related to economics and stock market negotiations

English Level

Capable of maintain any type of communication with a person who communicates in this language. Also able to understan any type of text in this language

Cultural Exchanges

Made 2 trips of cultural exchanges

One was a sports trip to the United States where the main objective was also the development of skills related to the English language.

The second trip was to perfect the English language of 1 month and 3 weeks in the countries of Europe: Ireland, England and Italy


Capable of using a variety of programming languages

Racket - Python - C - HTML - CSS - JavaScript


The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery - Udemy

Knowledge at user level

Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Power Point

Programa contable Regisoft Contabilidad y GestiĆ³n

Activities and Congresse

Participation in the Program PRO.DI.BUR


Solidarity Trip


This trip was developed in Santiago del Estero. We carry out activities related to Teamwork